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A warm rainy day brings the first major apple scab infection, moisture to the roots and lots of new growth. Does this month have an “R” in it? Yes, so it is a good month to dig up our young trees. We grafted and planted these trees 4 years ago. They are old enough now...

Did you see any of those snow flurries yesterday? Looks like today will be the nicest weather of the week for outdoor activity. Windy, partly sunny and 55°. Just chilly enough to keep the orchard sleeping while we work hard to get ready for the busy bloom.

Everyone in t...

You most likely have most of these ingredients in your home already. An apple 48 inches of twine or string (at least) 2 Shish Kabob Sticks Peanut butter about 1/2 cup (at least) Toppings like Eggshells and Sunflower seeds or other bird seed

Monday snow boots, today muddy boots and an Apple Food Art Butterfly. With a high of 61° and rain expected, the buds are starting to swell and green tip (1st visible green when a bud starts to separate) is just around the corner.

When Charles Hurd was visiting family in...

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