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Ever cross your mind how on earth an apple makes it's way from our trees in the orchard to your grocery store?

We modified our traditional apple muffins to be vegan and gluten free to meet the needs of our kids with food allergies.

It's a drizzly day in the 60's with smells of Spring, like those beautiful purple liliac bushes. We love apples at Hurds! Most of us eat an Apple a day. Here are just a few of the ways we like to eat them.

1. Dipped in NY made peanut butter from our Dutch Barn Market. T...

Another BEEutiful sunny day with a high of 65° and the sound of bzzz, bzzz, bzzz. Each bloom we bring in honey bee colonies to help pollinate our apple and pear trees. Three generations ago this was not necessary, but the number of pollinator bugs has decreased in the...

IT'S SPRINGTIME ON THE FARM......a taste of summer brings sunny skies with a high of 85°.....We have been PLANTING YOUR FUTURE APPLES!! Ever Wonder how it's all done? Take a Peak!  It's all about TEAMWORK... and One Amazing Process. 

In Replanting Young A...

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