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How to come up with and develop interesting characters


List the character's personal qualities, talents, and accomplishments. Consider 5-10 really important qualities. List possible talents like the ability to sing well, run fast, or use spells. Then pay for paper consider the character's major accomplishments that he or she can be proud of.

Describe his relationship to life. Is the character an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?

Alice's personal qualities may include hard work, determination, quick thinking, creativity, friendliness, and loyalty. Talents may include her ability to make potions, use spells, and sing. Achievements might include instances where she made her first potion at age five, was the winner of a magical pie contest, and legitimately owned the family spellbook.

Tip: Endow the character with a strange quirk that will better reveal her personality. For example, write my capstone paper for me Alice may have a habit of waving her wrist slightly during conversations, as she often uses spells.


Talk about the character's flaws to make it more realistic. It's always tempting to create the perfect character, but that way it won't look believable. Everyone has flaws, so make up suitable flaws. These can be personal qualities, external flaws, or mistakes made. Describe all the flaws on the character sheet.

For example, Alice might be overconfident, naive, or take hasty actions. Physical flaws might include her burns and scars, inability to run quickly, and weakness. She may have made a mistake and trusted the wrong person.

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