Our Commitment to Your Safety

It is important to our family that we do everything we can to provide our community with a safe, fun and relaxed environment where you and your family can enjoy the Fall Festival at our Apple & Pumpkin Picking Orchard. We also have a responsibility to keep Our Team Safe.

Mask Requirements

Our Team is required to wear masks at all times when within 12 feet of each other or our guests.

Our Guests are required to wear masks when

  • within 12 feet of other guests

  • under covered spaces

  • talking with our Team Members

Our farm is over 120 acres. There is plenty of room for guests to spread out and enjoy mask free space while in the orchard, but there are some locations where you could possibly be passing other guests and for the safety of everyone you will have to wear a mask. At check in we will be making sure that everyone who enters the farm has a mask with them.

Extra Safety to Farm Activities

Activities are routinely sanitized at different times throughout the day. Hayrides and the Cow Train are sanitized in between each family.  The duck race and gem mining will both be chlorinated (this is not something new)

To help with proper Social Distancing we will be limiting the number of families at a time on certain activities. For example the bounce will be 2 families at a time, the obstacle course would have one family per course at a time. Duck Racing and Gem Mining would both be one family at a time activities.

The corn maze is actually 4 separate mazes. Three of the paths are dead ends and only one family will be allowed on the path at a time. This way families can choose to not have to cross paths with other guests while exploring the corn maze. The 4th and biggest corn maze will have wide rows and offer additional larger areas for passing.

Both of our ride attractions will require some empty seats. We will be leaving an empty cow in between families on the cow train ride. The hayride will be by appointment and only 2 families will be allowed per wagon so that we can have 6 feet of empty seats in the middle.

The kids corral is full of fun activities and included with your activity wristband. This year we will have a team member limiting the number of families that can enter at a time. We are also going to require that any children must be accompanied by an adult to enter. Although the kids corral is a large space we think extra safety protocols are in everyone's best interest.

Please visit our Fall Activity Page to see a full list of our activities and the times they will be open.

How to Purchase Items

Apple Bags & Wristbands must be pre-purchased online before you arrive on a Weekend or Holiday. You can purchase them on the morning of your visit. When you arrive at the farm your 1st stop, in your car, will be with one of our friendly team members who will give you your order before you park. The good news is that you can also purchase some drinks & donuts online too and we will have them for you when you pull up.

The Barn Market & Gift Shop will have limited items on display to limit the number of touch points. You can shop online and see high quality images of all the items that are available. You can place your order before you arrive, while you are at the farm on your smart device or with one of our Team Members during your visit. You can even place an order and pick it all up in your car at our Drive Thru Farm Store. You will have to use a credit card for these purchases.

The Big Apple Cafe is still going to be making delicious Apple Cider Donuts. We are changing our menu to creative grab and go picnic friendly meals. All items will be available for purchase at our online store and we will have picnic tables though out the farm for you to enjoy your snacks. You may also want to byo picnic blanket and find your own private spot on the farm. 

Shopping with Cash will be only at certain registers for certain items. Credit cards accepted at all location except for cow train rides and individual corn maze entries. 

Our cashiers change gloves and/or sanitize in between each family to prevent any cross contamination

Health Checks & Screenings

Our Team is required to fill out a health screening questionnaire before starting each shift which includes a temperature check.

Our Guests are asked to stay home if they are not feeling well, have a fever, are sneezing or coughing, or have any health issues. If you have been around someone who has tested positive in the past 14 days, please stay home and visit us in 2 weeks. 

Everyone who is at the farm is asked to wash and sanitize their hands and surfaces often. We will be installing additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the farm as well as hand wash stations. There are also additional sanitizing stations in our employee only areas.