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How the Hurds Team Enjoys their Apples

It's a drizzly day in the 60's with smells of Spring, like those beautiful purple liliac bushes. We love apples at Hurds! Most of us eat an Apple a day. Here are just a few of the ways we like to eat them.

1. Dipped in NY made peanut butter from our Dutch Barn Market. Try adding some chia seeds on top for extra energy and protein.

2. Drizzled with local honey from our Dutch Barn Market (especially tart ones like Granny Smiths or Ida Reds)

3. Paired with NY cheddar cheese (or really any cheese, they are all so good). The combinations in apple and cheese flavors are endless.

4. Cooked in oatmeal or brown rice farina. Add some NY maple syrup, raisins, and nuts to tantalize your taste buds.

5. Baked apples (this is also a friendly way for those who are allergic to apples to get their daily fix) These can be made in microwave or oven. Try adding a simple vanilla sauce like this one from genius kitchen.

6. Blended in a smoothie with anything (kale, avocado, coconut milk, ginger, cinnamon, and a squeeze of lemon) What's your favorite apple smoothie?

7. Sauced. Nothing like a freshly picked apple, they’re still pretty tasty from cold storage through May, but when we are awaiting the new crop, we always have a jar of Hurds Apple sauce in the fridge. Jurni Hurd eats apple sauce as a side at pretty much every meal.

8. N-TAT (night time apple treat) for our dogs. They like apples more than biscuits.

9. Sautéd with coconut oil. No extra sugar needed. A quick warm and healthy dessert option for those of us counting calories or with food allergies.

10. Chopped in a salad. Apples add crunch and some sweetness. Delicious with balsamic vinaigrette and toasted pine nuts. Add to chicken or egg salad.

11. Sliced on a sandwich. Tuna or Turkey…add some thinly sliced apples to add variety to your standard lunch.

12. Added to any type of vegetable saute or stir fry. Making fried rice or a pasta dish? Add some apples for extra nutrients and flavor.

13. Picked right off the tree.

14. "Skinned with my teeth" Eat the skin first then the meat. Does anyone else eat their apple this way??

How do you like to eat your apples? Share photos and ideas on this blog, facebook, or twitter.

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