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Hurds Stay Safe Mask

Our Farm Made Masks have multiple levels of protection against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses and bacteria. They offer a comfortable yet snug fit around the nose and chin to prevent contaminants from coming in around the mask. The ties allow for adjustments to fit different shaped faces, hair and hats. They are made with virus blocking filter material to come as close as possible to the protection that an N95 mask offers. Our Hurds Stay Safe Masks can be cleaned and reused if needed. For every mask purchased we will be donating one to an essential worker.

Tips for Wearing & Caring for the Mask

  • Before wearing the mask for the 1st time, bend the metal nose piece into a shape that bests matches the contours of your face. Check to make sure that it properly fits your face.

  • Try your best to not touch the fabric parts of the mask after wearing it in potentially affected environments.

  • When removing the mask. Grab the tie in the top cord, lift over your head and let it hang down. By holding the nose clip, pull the mask down and away from your face. Carefully remove the other strap from around your neck.

  • After wearing a mask make sure to clean it.

  • If you plan to use it again soon and you are out and about, you can spray all mask parts with a disinfectant sanitizing spray like straight alcohol or our local sanitizer. We do not recommend using bleach as that is not something you want to be inhaling.

  • When at home you can hand wash your mask with hot soapy water. It is best not to submerge your mask in water.

  • Let mask dry in direct sunshine as UV light is another way to kill germs.

  • Hair ties can be used to give the mask cording more stretch to make them easier to remove. You can tie a hair tie into the top tie to make it more stretchy. Or cut the bottom cord and tie a hair tie into that piece of tubing. If you have other elastic cording available you could replace all of our tubing.

The Story Behind the Mask

I realized at the end of March that we were not going to be able to acquire N95 masks and that I was going to need them to continue to operate Our Family Farm. It was my responsibility to create protective equipment for my team so that they could continue to work in a safe environment. I began to research and experiment with different styles of masks and materials. We were lucky that we had many of the materials in stock already since they are used in other applications at the farm.

After purchasing an ultrasonic sealer and hand making a dozen or so masks personally at home. I closed the apple packing line down and trained my team in how to construct these masks. With some reorganization of the packing house we created an assembly line and got to work making as many masks as possible. With continuous feedback and slight adjustments the masks get better and better every day. We have been donating them to essential workers and high risk friends. Now we have enough to make them available for sale.

The Many Steps to Making a Mask

It takes 2 Hurds Team Members a full day to make around 30 masks. Here is what they do.

  • Using a pattern they cut out 1 layer of landscape fabric (spunbond non-woven polypropylene), 1 layer of Filtrete 1900 virus protection filter paper (meltblown polypropylene filter) and 2 layers of a soft non-woven embroidery stabilizer.

  • The heavy duty version has another spunbond landscape fabric instead of the embroidery stabilizer layer.

  • Coming soon the summer version has no landscape fabric and 2 layers of embroidery fabric instead.

  • Each layer is then folded and tacked with hot glue into the proper shape.

  • The edges of those layers are then ultrasonically secured together. This type of adhering does not create any holes in the fabric that could degrade the protective barrier.

  • A 40 inch piece of hollow tree tie tubing is cut and secured inside the mask material once again using the same ultrasonic sealer. This is the same material we use to tie limbs of trees at the farm.

  • To create a tight custom fit around the nose a bendable metal strap is covered in landscape fabric is attached to the outside of the top of the mask using a hot glue gun.

  • A piece of foam produce cushioning is attached to the top inside using a hot glue gun.

  • The masks are then laid under a UV light as an extra protection.

Each Hurds Stay Safe Mask is unique since they are handmade with our custom design. They are available to purchase at our Drive Thru Farm Store.

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