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Your Guide to Safe Outdoor Fun at the Farm on Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays!

Whether you want to Drive Thru and pick up some Apple Cider Donuts, or Enjoy the FUN Activities we have to offer, Hurds Family Farm has got you covered. But before you come on over, there are a few things you’ll want to understand to ensure you have the smoothest and fullest experience.

ALL of our activities are still open to enjoy, but we’ve put a few COVID-19 safety standards in place to make sure your visit is as safe as possible.

Apple Picking & Activities

Placing your Online Pre-Order (Requires Online Purchases):

In order to enter the farm, you must place an online pre-order the morning of your visit. Pre-Orders open at 8:00 am and are only valid for the day they are purchased. Due to COVID-19, limiting your visit to 2 hours would be appreciated, but you are welcome to stay longer if you want.

A purchase of $10 or more will grant you and your entire vehicle access to the Farm.

Note that these items may all be purchased at the Barn Market Cashier while you are here, however, the online pre-order is the only way to guarantee we won't reach capacity with our wristbands and hayrides (apple picking has no capacity).

Please note, the following add-ons are CASH ONLY at the Activity, not an online purchase.

  1. Cow Train

  2. Corn Maze (included in the Activity Wristband, but also sold separately)

We welcome friendly dogs all throughout the Farm, so feel free to bring them along!

October means it's pumpkin season! To pick pumpkins from our patch, make that $10 or more online pre-order of anything you'd like in order to enter the farm, then once you are here, you can pick your pumpkins. Small pumpkins are $5, medium pumpkins are $14, and large are $20. You can pay with cash or card.


How to Park and Get Going:

When you pull into the farm, you’ll meet one of our Friendly Team Members who will ask if you’re planning on staying for Apple Picking & Activities.

They will direct you to the left to one of our Welcome Cashiers who will ask for your last name to look up your online pre-order, give you everything you pre-purchased online, and direct you to the nearest parking spot.

After that, you’re free to enter through the main gate and explore the farm! (The barn is Exit Only this year). Take part in your pre-purchased activities or visit one of our food options that don’t require an online order.


Food at the Farm:

You’re bound to get hungry on your Apple Orchard Adventure, and we’ve got you covered. Here are all the places you can get a meal or a snack at Hurds Family Farm. Credit & Card accepted at all locations.

Barn Market Cashier

  1. “Just Donuts & Drinks” (B on the map at the bottom of the post): This is where our cinnamon-sugar dusted apple cider donuts are made. Stop by to pick up a six-pack of the freshest, hottest donuts on the farm and a cool refreshing beverage.

  2. Barn Market Cashier (C): Located right behind the Dutch Barn with plenty of Hurds products for purchase. Pick up some fresh donuts, salty snacks, delicious applesauce, honey, beverages, sanitizing products, or apple bags. **You can also purchase activities here including wristbands, gem mining, fish food, and farm animal food.**

  3. New Cafe with Table Service (A): Order your lunch from one of our friendly cashiers. Choose from our dynamic cafe menu that uses local ingredients and family recipes. Have a seat at the safely distanced picnic tables and await your delicious meal.

  4. Shop Online at the Drive Thru Farm Store where you can pick up your order from your car or on foot. See details below.

Drive Thru Farm Store (Requires Online Purchases):

You can order Apple Cider Donuts, any of our Cafe Menu Items, or just an Apple Cider Slushie right from your computer or smartphone! Our farm stocks loads of delicious local farm to table grocery items, as well as Hurds Fresh Picked Apples, Local Baked Goods, meal kits, and sanitization products. The only way to shop at this store is online at https://farmhurd.square.site/s/shop.

Your order will be ready as soon as 20 minutes after it is placed. Alternatively, you can schedule a pick up time that works best for you. This means that you can order from home, or if you’re already at the farm, place a last-minute order from your smartphone. There are two ways to retrieve your order at the farm.

  1. Drive Thru Farm Store (E): When you pull into the farm, you’ll pass the drive thru exit and turn right to enter the Drive Thru Farm Store. State your first and last name to our Friendly Team Member, and they will bring your order right to you in your car. From there, you can go on your way, or if you’ve prepared to pick apples and do activities, retrieve your apple bags and/or wristbands, park, and enter the farm. Feel free to pick up your drive thru order after picking apples and doing activities as well.

  2. Walk Up Farm Store: (D): If you’re picking apples or doing activities on the farm, you can pick up your online orders on foot at the Online Order Pick Up counter. Just tell our Friendly Team Member your name, and they’ll get you everything you pre-purchased.

1. Drive Thru Farm Store

2. Walk Up Farm Store


A few suggestions to make your visit perfect:

  • Make sure to bring sunblock and if you have little ones a shaded stroller or wagon.

  • Wear comfortable shoes and check the weather before you leave home.

  • If you would like to rent one of our wagons visit our Information Station in the parking lot right near Just Donuts & Drinks. to

  • Make sure to explore some of our Nature Trails throughout the farm, included with your ticket. There is a new one with terrific views just passed fish feeding and our new mini tire mountain.

  • Friendly Dogs are always welcome on leash, but make sure to bring a water dish and some bags to pick up after them.

Now you’re all set to have a fun time at Hurds Family Farm! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook and visit our website hurdsfamilyfarm.com, email us at information@hurdsfamilyfarm.com or call us at 845-883-7825 if you have any questions. See you soon and have a Farm-tastic Day!

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