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Apple Shaped Pillows

We bring you a bit of spring in your step with a high of 48° and some rain to nourish your flowers and the fruit trees on our farm.

Hello from behind the scenes at Hurds Family Farm...we greet you this spring day with a bowl full of crinkly Grab and Go Apples and Kid’s size pillows.

Toddler with Apple Pillow

Created from colorful fabric, the farmers daughter, Megan, keeps imaging NEW ideas for this upcoming season’s children’s area at our Dutch Barn Market. These freshly created apples and pillows are packed WITH LOVE, and stitched from colorful recycled material. Each one is stuffed with recycled material to Make a Difference in the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle, the three R’s, will keep our Moms of preschoolers smiling, while the kids are scrunching and crinkling and enjoying this NEW product to their heart’s content!

With her sewing machine poised and ready, the goal is to create one item each nap time and you know how that goes….ready, set, eyes closed, create!!! These talk about able apples will be ready to go home with you for Hurds Family Farm opening weekend August 18th at 9am. By then we expect to have a barn full of happy apples and pillows. Featured in photo is 7th generation farmer, Scarlett.

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