Apple Picking is Closed for the Season 

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Pick Your Own Apples

are sold by the bag:

Small -  (~2.5 pies, ~5 lbs, ~15 medium sized apples)

Medium -  (~4 pies, ~9 lbs, ~25 medium sized apples)

Large -  (~8 pies, ~20lbs, ~55 medium sized apples)

The prices above are when purchased at the farm. SAVE MONEY on weekends

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$10 per Pumpkin Medium Sized

Pick your own pumpkins at Hurds Family Farm

Apples Available this Week

Apple Picking Closed for the Season

(Pre-picked 1/2 pecks available at the Drive Thru Farm Store. Check Online to see what's available)

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Apple Variety Information


Things You Should Know About the Dates Below

  • These dates are just estimates based off our historical data as to when each variety will be at peak ripeness.  

  • The weather can make apples ripen earlier or later.

  • All apples bloom within a week or so of each other, but the time to reach full maturity can be a couple months different between some varieties.

  • Not every apple on a tree is ready at once. It could take over a month from when the 1st apple is ripe and ready to pick and the last apple is ready on a single tree.

  • When apples become really ripe they will fall off the tree on their own, so that is why you will find no Honey Crisps still on our trees in October.

  • If there is a particular type of apple you would like to pick yourself please use the dates suggested, sign up for our email updates, and call before you come.


Late August

  • Ginger Gold - Sweet, mildly tart. Exceptional for eating, salads, and kids.

  • Tydeman - Extra sweet flavor, hint of spice. Similar to McIntosh, good for pies.

  • Paula Red - Tart, juicy. Excellent for eating and sauce.

  • McIntosh - Sweet, juicy, tart tang. A classic eating apple and excellent for sauce.

  • Jonamac Sweet, tart. Good for fresh eating.


Early September

  • Gala - Sweet, juicy. Great snack for kids.

  • Honeycrisp - Sweet, crisp. Superb for eating, salads, and pies.

  • Cortland - Sweet, hint of tartness. Good for salads, stays white longer.


Late September

  • Jonagold - Honey sweet, hint of tartness, very juicy. Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, & baking.

  • Empire - Tasty, sweet, tart. Superb for eating and baking. Susan’s favorite!

  • Macoun - Extra sweet, mild, tart taste. Great for pies and baked apples.

  • SnapDragon - Crisp, spicy, sweet, juicy. Newest blend of Honeycrisp. Favorite of our 6th generation farmers. Best for eating.


Early October

  • Golden Delicious - Mildly sweet, juicy. Best for eating, salads and sauce.

  • Crimson Crisp - Tart, crisp, slightly spicy. Stores well. Good for eating salads, and sandwiches.

  • Red Delicious - Sweet, juicy, crisp. Excellent for eating, salads, and taking on the go.

  • Rome - Mildly tart. Perfect for sauce and baking.

  • RubyFrost - Crisp, sweet, tart. Like Empire and Granny Smith. Great for salads, pies or paired with red wine.

  • Idared - Sweet, tart, crisp. Great for pies.

Late October

  • Fuji - Sweet, juicy, extremely crisp. Excellent for fresh eating and cheese plates.

  • Lady Apples - Tender, sweet, hint of tart. Best for caramelizing and roasting. Kids love this unique tiny apple.

  • Crispin(Mutsu) - Sweet, very juicy, super crisp. A fine choice for eating and baking.

  • Cameo - Tart, sweet, crispy. Excellent for salads, pies, sauces and baking

  • Granny Smith - Firm, bright, strong tartness. A favorite for fresh eating and baking.

  • Pink Lady - Very firm, tart, effervescent finish. Similar to Honeycrisp. Best for snacking, baking, and juicing.

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Fresh Cut or Cut Your Own Christmas Trees

Due to Covid, we are unsure what we will be doing in 2020. Please sign up for our emails to receive up to date information.


  • Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

  • Canaan Fir Christmas Trees

  • Blue Spruce Christmas Trees

  • Concolor Fir Christmas Trees

  • Norway Spruce Christmas Trees 

  • Balsam Fir Christmas Trees


Santa Skydives on Black Friday at Hurds Family Farm in Modena outdoor fun winter
Santa Skydives on Black Friday at Hurds Family Farm in Modena outdoor fun winter
Bailin fresh christmas trees at Hurds Family Farm

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