Available for You to Harvest

 Pick Your Own Starts August 29th

Apples: Varieties TBD

AND Pumpkins: not until end of September

U Pick & Bag Your Own Apples

are sold by the bag:

Small - $9 (~2.5 pies)

Medium - $14 (4 pies)

Large - $26 (8 pies)

Pumpkins in all shapes & sizes

Mini $, Small $, Medium $,

Large $ & XL $

Apple Variety Information


Things to You Should Know About the Dates Below

  • These dates are just estimates based off our historical data as to when each variety will be at peak ripeness.  

  • The weather can make apples ripen earlier or later.

  • All apples bloom within a week or so of each other, but the time to reach full maturity can be a couple months different between some varieties.

  • Not every apple on a tree is ready at once. It could take over a month from when the 1st apple is ripe and ready to pick and the last apple is ready on a single tree.

  • When apples become really ripe they will fall off the tree on their own, so that is why you will find no Honey Crisps still on our trees in October.

  • If there is a particular type of apple you would like to pick yourself please use the dates suggested, sign up for our email updates, and call before you come.


Late August

  • Ginger Gold - Sweet, mildly tart. Exceptional for eating, salads, and kids.

  • Tydeman - Extra sweet flavor, hint of spice. Similar to McIntosh, good for pies.

  • Paula Red - Tart, juicy. Excellent for eating and sauce.

  • McIntosh - Sweet, juicy, tart tang. A classic eating apple and excellent for sauce.

  • Jonamac Sweet, tart. Good for fresh eating.


Early September

  • Gala - Sweet, juicy. Great snack for kids.

  • Honeycrisp - Sweet, crisp. Superb for eating, salads, and pies.

  • Cortland - Sweet, hint of tartness. Good for salads, stays white longer.


Late September

  • Jonagold - Honey sweet, hint of tartness, very juicy. Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, & baking.

  • Empire - Tasty, sweet, tart. Superb for eating and baking. Susan’s favorite!

  • Macoun - Extra sweet, mild, tart taste. Great for pies and baked apples.

  • SnapDragon - Crisp, spicy, sweet, juicy. Newest blend of Honeycrisp. Favorite of our 6th generation farmers. Best for eating.


Early October

  • Golden Delicious - Mildly sweet, juicy. Best for eating, salads and sauce.

  • Crimson Crisp - Tart, crisp, slightly spicy. Stores well. Good for eating salads, and sandwiches.

  • Red Delicious - Sweet, juicy, crisp. Excellent for eating, salads, and taking on the go.

  • Rome - Mildly tart. Perfect for sauce and baking.

  • RubyFrost - Crisp, sweet, tart. Like Empire and Granny Smith. Great for salads, pies or paired with red wine.

  • Idared - Sweet, tart, crisp. Great for pies.

Late October

  • Fuji - Sweet, juicy, extremely crisp. Excellent for fresh eating and cheese plates.

  • Lady Apples - Tender, sweet, hint of tart. Best for caramelizing and roasting. Kids love this unique tiny apple.

  • Crispin(Mutsu) - Sweet, very juicy, super crisp. A fine choice for eating and baking.

  • Cameo - Tart, sweet, crispy. Excellent for salads, pies, sauces and baking

  • Granny Smith - Firm, bright, strong tartness. A favorite for fresh eating and baking.

  • Pink Lady - Very firm, tart, effervescent finish. Similar to Honeycrisp. Best for snacking, baking, and juicing.


 November 29th - December 15th

Fresh Cut and Cut Your Own Christmas Trees

Open Weekends and Friday the 29th 10AM-4PM.

Any Size Choose and Cut Christmas Tree $65 + tax

Limited Precut Trees. 


  • Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

  • Canaan Fir Christmas Trees

  • Blue Spruce Christmas Trees

  • Concolor Fir Christmas Trees

  • Norway Spruce Christmas Trees 

  • Balsam Fir Christmas Trees


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