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Hurd Happyles (Apple Sauce Fruit Leather)

Updated 1/20/19

The snow will soon be covering our walkways and driveways on this 2nd day of spring. The wind is gusting at over 15 mph through our sleeping apple trees, which is making the 35°F seem like it is far below zero! The guys will be trading in their pruning shears, pole saws and picking platform for shovels and snowplows today. Seems like a perfect day to have the oven on while doing our computer work to prepare for the Fall. Boy how the times have changed, but somethings remain the same….like Hurd Happyles.

Mop, AKA Betty Hurd & Aunt Cinthia Hurd 4th generation family farmers, created Hurd Happyles back in 1987. It is a recipe that we were inspired to make again seeing how our 7th generation girls (Jurni, Scarlett and Cortlyn) LOVE our applesauce. It is really the perfect treat because our applesauce has no sugar added and is gluten free. Mop also kept a daily diary that started with the weather, we will be blogging in that style in honor of her. Pictured below is their original label.

Hurd Happyles

Hurd Happyles ( aka Apple Sauce Fruit Leather)


1 jar Hurds Applesauce

Parchment paper

Large baking sheet (Or dehydrator)

Process for Oven:

  • Heat oven to lowest setting, typically 170° (this could also be made in a food dehydrator if you have one, but the oven works great for cold winter or spring days.

  • Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Probably best if the paper is a bit bigger than the baking sheet to avoid leaks.

  • Pour the entire jar of applesauce (or less if your baking sheet is smaller) onto the pan. You want to have an even layer, maybe ¼ of an inch thick or less. You can tilt the pan, use a spatula and tap it on the counter to spread it out. Make sure to get it as evenly spread as possible.

  • Bake for 8 to 10 hours (depending on thickness see below). We recommend the bottom rack and top rack and rotating a couple times.

Process for Dehydrator:

  • Remove a tray from the dehydrator and cut parchment to fit it exactly.

  • Pour about a cup onto the parchment (amount varies depending on size of your dehydrator)

  • Spread sauce out into a rectangle with spatula and by tapping on the counter.

  • Repeat for other trays depending on how much you would like to make. If possible use every other shelf in the dehydrator.

  • Set time for 4-6 hours, 158 degrees or highest temp.

How do you know when it is done? I tap my finger on it. It should be not sticky, not saucy, but also not hard. It will have a nice shine to it. Sometimes the edges will cook faster than the center. No worries. You can always re-hydrate any over cooked parts with a bit of water once sheet is out of the oven.

Mop & Cinthia always cut theirs into rectangles. The current 6th generation prefers to cut into 9 or 10 strips. This is easy to accomplish by rolling the paper up and cutting with kitchen shears. Leaving some extra paper on one end can make pealing before eating a bit easier.

Eat today or store in your Hurds Apple Sauce jar or ziplock bag on the counter.

Need Hurds Applesauce? Visit our store and have it shipped to home or pick up at our home farm if you are local. We would love to hear how your kids liked this yummy homemade treat! Visit our pick your own farm this fall to purchase our homemade happyles apple sauce fruit leather.

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