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Insider Tips for Columbus Weekend

No more rain in the forecast and another beautiful weekend heading our way. Everyone loves to spend their long weekend in the country. Where should you go apple picking Columbus Weekend? Hurds Family Farm is the best place to enjoy the fall festival. Weather pending it is the busiest weekend for all apple and pumpkin farms near New York City. Let us help you plan you apple picking weekend with the family and friends.

When is the best time to come to the farm Columbus Weekend?

9AM! You will be able to park real close to the barn. There will not be any lines. Do your apple picking and play in the kids corral from 9 to 10. Then at 10AM hit all the activities our farm has to offer. Grab a bite to eat and some HOT donuts at the Big Apple Café around 11.

I'm coming up from the city, will there be a long wait?

We are honestly one of the most efficiently run farms in the area. Parking at the farm is real easy. There is little traffic on the road and our parking crew will directly quickly to the nearest spot available. Between 11 and 2 our cashiers are definitely busiest. You may have to wait at most 15 or 20 minutes, but the good news is there will be only one line to wait in. Apple picking bags, activity wristbands, hot and cold cider, and donuts can be purchased at any register. If you plan to arrive at those times you should consider preordering online. Then you can walk right up to guest services to pick up everything you need to start having fun.

How much cash should I bring?

We accept credit cards at every register, but paying with cash is usually a faster process. Apple picking bags are $8 or $25 each. Activity wristbands are $9 or $15. Donuts are $6. Drinks are around $3 each. The Big Apple Café has a yummy Menu and the barn market is filled with farm to table treats that you will definitely want to bring home with you.

Will it be really crowded?

Columbus is the busiest weekend, but our farm is 120 acres. There are plenty of remote places where you could easily not see another person for hours. The activities are most likely where you will find the most people. Coming early will definitely help you avoid the "crowds."

What should I bring with me?

Dress for the weather...light jacket, hat, sunscreen, good walking shoes etc. If you have a wagon you are welcome to bring it or you can rent one of ours for $5. Snacks and drinks always a good idea for an outdoor Hudson Valley adventure, we have lots of options available for purchase in the barn or café too. Handwipes and antibacterial gel always a good idea when out and about. Especially after feeding the farm animals.

What time does the farm close?

Activities close at 4pm on the dot. The farm closes at 5. To complete all the activities and go apple picking arrive no later than 2pm. If you arrive after 2 you will have to think about which activities are most important to make your visit extra special. There are lots of other places in the area to check out after our farm closes. Visit our What a Town Blog for maps and ideas.

How do I get to your farm without a car?

There are public transportation options that will get you very close to the farm and then you are a short walk or Uber or taxi away from Fall Festival Fun! The easiest way to get from NYC to the farm is to take the bus up to the New Paltz Trailways station. From there you can call (8452551550) a local taxi for $5 or use your Uber ap to get you right to the farm which is only a 6 mile (10 minute) drive from the farm. You can also take a bus instead of the taxi, but the routes are limited on the weekends. During the week, the 1st stop on the X will take you to the intersection of 44/55 and route 32 which is half a mile from our farm. If you want to take the train up to Poughkeepsie from Grand Central we are about 12 miles (22 minutes) away. There are busses that will get you close to us from the Poughkeepsie station. Check the weekend schedules the times are limited. The UPL will get you to SUNY New Paltz which is 5 miles from the farm. You would then still probably want to take a local taxi? If you end up in Poughkeepsie check out our visit Poughkeepsie Waterfront blog for places to visit around the station.

We are happy to help you plan your visit.

Contact us via email, social media or phone. See you at the farm this Columbus weekend or anytime before November 3rd. If you would like some more ideas like creating a Pick Your Own shirt, where to picnic on the farm, and how to entertain the kids on the drive up see some of our other TGIF FFF blog posts. You also may want to learn the best way to pick an apple before you buy your bag.....

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