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Making a Bow with Susan

Making a Bow for a Wreath is easy, but it takes a bit of Practice! Susan Hurd has been making bows ever since she started the Christmas Tree Season here at our family farm, over 25 years ago. See how she teaches Sarah, the next generation, how to make her very 1st bow to decorate her very 1st handmade wreath in the video below.

Choose a 2 or 3 inch wide ribbon that has wire in the edges (this will make life a bit easier)

DO NOT CUT a piece off. Leave it on the roll until the bow is complete.

Make a small LOOP and then SCRUNCH it tight. This loop should have a tail that is about a foot long.

TWIST the part of the ribbon still attached to the roll, make a full turn right next to the SCRUNCH.


Make a LOOP that is bigger than the first loop and SCRUNCH.


Repeat until you have an odd number of outer loops like 5 or 9 or as many as you like.

While holding tight wrap the center of your bow tightly in #22 green wire. Make sure to twist the wire tightly and to hold the bow tightly too.

Once the bow is secure you can fluff up your loops to make it look nice and full.

When you cut the bow from the roll or ribbon make sure the tails are even in length. You could do a straight cut, angled cut or fold the ribbon in half to make a V ending.

Attach to your Christmas Wreath, Christmas Tree, Holiday Decorations or Gift and share with your family and friends.

Come to the farm this winter and take home one of Susan's handmade bows on Wreaths that our team makes by hand from our fragrant Evergreen Trees.

This is the 1st part of a 3 part series in making and decorating a homegrown wreath. Check out the other 2 how to videos on creating a wreath from fresh cut greens and decorating it.

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