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Check Out the Walkway Over the Hudson

This weekend you can take a walk on the "longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world". There is sure to be a breeze as you cross the Hudson River from 212 feet above it. We have some suggestions to make the most of your visit to the Walkway Over the Hudson. It is really a great place to enjoy the Scenic Hudson.

In Summer and Fall the Walkway Over the Hudson has Friday night events. This Friday, you can go on a moonwalk from 8 to 10pm. It is weather permitting, so make sure to check their facebook page for updates. There is low lighting for these moon & star gazing events, so make sure to bring a flashlight. Dogs are welcome with light up collars and 4 foot retractable leashes. This is a fun time for kids to wear glow necklaces and other fun light up décor.

If you go to the walkway on Saturday or Sunday when it is warm please leave your four legged friend at home. The walkway is made of concreate which absorbs heat and can burn your dogs paws in just a short amount of time. Dogs also regulate their temperature through their paws, so they can easily become overheated if their paws cannot cool down. If you are really set on bringing your pup for the walk best to get there when they open at 8am so it is cooler. Make sure to bring water, a dish, and some poo bags.

There is a great visitor center on the Highland side of the walkway where you can learn more about this unique NY State Park. Their website provides a FREE audio tour. You can choose from 4 different languages and over 20 different topics. Make sure to bring headphones, so you don't cause noise pollution in this open space.

The walkway offers plenty of opportunity to take photos. Just south of the walkway is the Mid-Hudson Bridge which has over 27,000 red green and blue LED lights that can be used to create over 16.7 million color changing effects. You will not be able to see them during the day, but once the sun starts to go down they are quite majestic. You can take a virtual tour of the Mid-Hudson bridge or listen to bridge music if you are nearby.

You can park on the Poughkeepsie or Highland sides of the river to access the walkway. You can find both FREE and paid parking on both sides. The walkway is FREE to visit, but they do appreciate donations. You could also consider becoming a member.

If you park by or walk over to the Poughkeepsie side you can have a bite to eat at Lolas. They are open for lunch Saturday 10 to 4 and weekdays 10 to 5. A cute little spot with fresh healthy meal choices. No outside seating, so take the opportunity to cool off in the AC. FYI there sister location in New Paltz on main street has plenty of outdoor seating and later hours.

If you don't quite make it all the way to Lolas you can take an elevator down to the Poughkeepsie Waterfront. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from there as noted in our previous blog. Did we mention there is a cute little playground near River Station? The elevator is routinely shut down for maintenance, so be flexible in your plans. If you are bringing your non-service animal dog along they will not be aloud on the elevator, so best to hang with them on the Highland side.

There are 3 tasty places to stop on the Highland side. For a unique breakfast or lunch, try Bagel & Bites. A favorite spot of locals, owner Natasha is almost always there and her family gives her a hand in the kitchen. You may want to try their Chipotle Chicken Breakfast Sliders with Potato & Lentil Hash. Pretty much everything on their lunch menu is delicious and you can get a homemade bakery item for dessert.

Closer to the Walkway and open for lunch and dinner is some of the best pizza in town. Pomo Doro's owner is one of the nicest guys around and works behind the counter almost every day. They have outside seating, yummy salads, and pinwheels made from pizza dough filled with peperoni ham and mozzarella cheese.

Right next to Pomo Doro's is the Frozen Caboose. Yes, we did just mention this adorable ice cream location in our Pamper Your Pooch blog. They have shaded outdoor dog friendly seating. Inside you can cool off in AC while you enjoy frozen yogurt, soft serve, or hard ice cream. They also make ice cream cakes and other treats to take home. It is just a short walk from the Highland Walkway parking, definitely worth the trip. You can also drive there ;)

The Walkway Over the Hudson has lots of fun events where you can get out and mingle. Check their events calendar for future happenings like their fall harvest festival.

If you are really up for a journey consider the Walkway Loop Trail. This is a great place to bike ride since it connects the Hudson Valley Rail Trail & the Dutchess County Rail Trail. You can cycle for miles without worrying about cars sneaking up behind you.

Of course we would love to see how much FUN you have this weekend. Share your pictures with us on your favorite social media or leave us a comment right here in this blog.


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