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DIY Indoor Movie Theater

A FREE FUN activity to entertain the kids this winter right in your living room. Use your imagination and transform your TV into a larger than life movie. This can also be used as a romantic "getaway" without leaving home.

What you will need:

  • Chairs or other furniture to hold up the blankets

  • Blankets to create the tent

  • Cozy chairs, pillows and blankets for in the tent

  • A family friendly movie on Netflix, Prime or DVD

  • Snacks like popcorn, fruit leather, and apples

Build your fort! Have the kids help if they are big enough and brainstorm the how to process together. There is actually a lot of STEAM hidden in this project.

Fort Building Tips:

  • Include the TV if you can do it without the possibility of it falling over.

  • Think about the direction of the chair seat. Facing outwards gives more room inside the tent, but facing inwards creates a table in the tent.

  • Have more than one entrance/exit. Before or after the movie the tent can become a fun game of follow the leader, peek a boo, or tag depending on the age of the children.

  • Choose blankets that will keep light out, but are light enough to hang on chairs. Some weight and texture will help them stay in place.

We would love to hear about and see your blanket forts. Please share your creations with us on facebook, Instagram or in an email to information@hurdsfamilyfarm.com.

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