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How to Plant Marigolds from Seeds

We love marigolds as Hurds Family Farm, and as you can see so do our pollinator friends!

It is real easy to plant these bright hearty flowers from seed. They should last, depending on the weather, all summer through the fall.

This is a great activity for a beautiful spring day. Kids will love to get their hands dirty and watch their little seeds sprout up and turn into flowers. Cali is happy to spend some time soaking up the sun.

How to Plant Marigolds!

Materials Needed:

Marigold Seeds (we got ours from Harris a few years ago, but you can also shop locally at Kalleco Nursery, New Paltz Agway, Adams, or any other garden center.)

Planting tray ( paper cups, reusable plastic cups, or compostable cups will all work)

Nutrient rich potting soil

Watering can ( or nearby hose to water with)

A pencil

Optional Items:

Trowel (you can just use your hands to pick up the dirt)

Gardening Gloves

Watch our video or follow the steps below.

Fill your tray with soil. Make sure to pack it in a bit.

Carefully wet the soil using your watering can. This helps keep the seed in when you poke it into the soil.

Use your pencil to make a hole in the soil about 1.5 inches deep.

Marigold seeds are a good enough size that you can get a hold of them. Place one in each hole in each tray cup.

Add more soil on top to fill each cup again. It’s good to pack the soil in there to make sure our seed is well covered.

Carefully wet all soil, we want to keep the soil and seed both in their little cup.

Place tray in a warm place in your house, garage, or sunroom. Once your plants poke up through the soil they will want lots of warm sunshine. When they are about 3 inches high they will be ready to plant in your garden or flower pots.

Please share your marigolds with us on facebook, twitter, instagram or by commenting on this blog.


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