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Painting is SNOW Much Fun

Too cold to play outside in the snow? Bring some snow inside for a FUN painting activity! A great winter arts and crafts project for kids or adults. Hands on and engaging sparks imagination.

What You Need:

  • Acrylic Paints

  • Paint Brushes

  • Jars with Water for each color

  • Tupperware or other trays for snow

  • SNOW

  • Cardboard or Paper to catch the drips

First create the area that you are going to be painting in. Depending on the age of participant it may be a carboard area on the kitchen floor, papered kids table, or if your an adult wherever you are most comfortable. This is a great way to reuse those shipping boxes from amazon or paper bags from Hannaford Togo.

Prepare the paints by mixing them with some water. If you have enough brushes keep one or two for each color. This eliminates the use of a rinsing cup and works better when there is more than one artist. Once mixed place them in the fridge until you are ready to paint.

Get on your layers and collect snow. Since snow is free you might want to get a few extra's so that you can paint more than one. Tupperwares work nice especially if you are thinking that you might want to try to save them for a bit to surprise someone. If you have space in the freezer you can store them there or outside if it is cold enough. The colors will fade a bit as the paint soaks into the snow.

Snow does melt so when its time to paint you really can't take all day. Leave the extra ones outside to stay frozen while you are painting. If you can leave them right outside a door or window you can easily access them.

Try painting some together. A perfect winter father daughter activity or for older kids to work together with younger siblings. Keep in mind the paint is NOT edible so no eating snow. You could choose to use edible paints or fruit juices if you really want to eat snow.

Here are our finished paintings which include an apple of course. We would love to see your snow art FUN. Please share with us on facebook or email.


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