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Sequence because "It's FUN"

Sequence is a board game that is easy to learn and can be played by kids and adults of all ages. You have to try to get 5 of your colored chips in a row by placing them on a space that matches one of your cards. Beware, the other players will try to block you and use special cards to remove your chips! This game can be extremely competitive or played while chatting among friends. Fun for ages 3 and up with 2 to 12 players.

The original sequence is played with playing cards (included in box) and a board with pictures of the cards on it. Note the jacks are wild and not pictured on the board.

To make the game more kid friendly there is a kid version featuring cartoon animals and a smaller board. There are also educational versions with letters, numbers or state capitals. Other variations include religions, cats, dogs, jumbo, travel, deluxe, or dice. As you can see below Papi thought he was in the lead, but Ava had a unicorn up her sleeve. How do you like them apples Papi?

It is probably best to browse online to see if any editions catch your eye before making your purchase or creating your own. Sequence can be found pretty much anywhere board games are sold or you can make your own like the crafty people on pinterest. Here is one example of DYO Sequence. For kids you may want to make some of your own rules. Really little kids would enjoy just matching their card to the board with a colorful chip. Here are the full directions from the sequence kids.

Directions vary depending the number of players, but here are some details from the original sequence. The full directions are shown below. The number of cards depends on the number of players.

Two eyed jacks are wild and allow you to go anywhere. One eyed jacks let you take away a chip from an opponent. On another turn, you or a teammate can take that space if you have the corresponding card. Please note that you cannot remove chips from a completed sequence of 5 in a row.

The corner spaces are wild which is why this person played a one eyed jack to remove the a chip from the 4 in a row.

After you play a card and chip you must remember to pick up a card. If you do not pick up before the next player plays, you will continue the game with less cards in your hand. This person started the game with 7 cards and then did too much chatting.

Speaking of talking, you are not allowed to coach your teammate(s). If your team gets caught "table talking" then you each have to forfeit a card. Depending on how seriously you are playing will determine if you follow this rule.

Another tip to keep in mind is that you may get a card in your hand that you cannot play. This happens when wild jacks are used and both of the two spaces are taken. If you have a "dead" card you can exchange it during your turn. Make sure to announce it, place it on your discard pile and then take a new card. Here are the full instructions for the original sequence.

We hope that you get to enjoy spending time with friends and family while playing sequence. Our favorite time to play is while having dessert, like homemade Hurds Apple Pie or Susan's pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. It is one of our family favorites! Share a photo on our facebook page of your first time playing or of the sequence board you made.

We would like to send a special thank you to The Underground in Highland NY for letting us take photos while having breakfast.

Here is our family getting started with their game night.

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