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The Drive In Movies

Love going to the movies, but have a noisy baby? Go to an upstate NY drive in movie theater! The baby is contained in the car or on a picnic blanket and you control the volume of the show through your car radio. We have suggestions on where to g, what to bring and stops along the way to optimize your outing. Kids and the family dog will have FUN on this seasonal adventure. Use our detailed google map to help you organize your evening.

There are 2 great Drive Ins that are about 30 minutes from Hurds Family Farm. The first movie starts at 8:45 and the 2nd sometime after 10pm. That means there is plenty of time for you to come for a day of the best apple and pumpkin picking in the Hudson Valley, have dinner at a unique upstate NY restaurant, and then treat the kids to a movie in the comfort of your car. This plan also works well for date night!

The Hyde Park Drive In is located on Route 9, east of the Hudson River. It has been in business since the 1950's. The 12 acre piece of property can hold 670 cars. The movie is projected on a 82' wide screen. There is a beautiful lawn to park on and authentic snack stand where you can get popcorn and other goodies. If you have time for a bite to eat before the movie we have a few suggestions.

The Hyde Park Brewing Company has been in business for over 20 years. Award-winning Brewmaster, John E. Eccles, craft brews all of their beers right at the restaurant. Their menu is quite diverse including burgers, pizza, paninis, salads wraps, steaks, fish, and more. Some of the items are straight forward while others are creative and unique with their own spin, like Pastrami Rueben Eggrolls or Drunken Turkey. They even make a number of delicious things with their home brewed beer. If you brought your pup they are welcome on their outside patio.

Diners may seem like a dime a dozen, but have you been to the Eveready? It is like stepping back in time to a 1950s diner. The outside has the traditional metal diner look and the inside is clean and uniquely decorated. They make all their bakery items in their basement which is a kitchen as big as the entire diner. Dogs are welcome on their outside patio. The kids meals are served in adorable carboard convertibles that they can take with them. The Eveready is open 24 hours, so you can always swing by after the movies for some disco fries and a chocolate malt milkshake which will fill the cup and a side tin.

Dairy Queen has a drive thru if you are in a rush to pick the perfect parking spot at the theater. You can get standard fried food or a burger, but most importantly ice cream. If you have not had a blizzard yet, now is the time! YUM.

The Overlook Drive In Theater is just 15 minutes from the Hyde Park Drive In. The great thing about having 2 so close to each other is that you can choose the movie combo that best suits your crew. This drive in has the largest screen in the tri-state area which is "as tall as a 6 story building". Founded in 1955 and located on 12 acres with a 750 car capacity you are bound to find the perfect parking spot.

On your way to the drive in we suggest stopping at Adams Fair Acre Farms for food, ice cream, and snacks to bring with you to the movie. There is cute little café that has basic salads, sandwiches, wraps, and burgers. Everything made fresh to order. Included is hard and soft ice cream with a dairy-free soft serve option. In summer they usually stay open a bit later, until 9pm.

Inside the store is one of the biggest selections of candy in the area. There are tons of the pay by the pound machines including jelly beans, m & m s and so many more options there are entirely too many to list. Packs of candy, bakery goods, fresh made chocolates. If you have a sweet tooth you may never want to leave Adam's Sweet Shop. They also pop their own pop corn on Wednesdays & Saturdays if you want to stock up before the drive in, although movie theater popcorn is its own delicacy. This is a fully stocked supermarket with fresh fruits, like apples, and plenty of other healthy snacks to choose from.

For finer dining and drinks, check out J. Dominicks Trattoria. Tasty Italian food served in an old building. Maybe you and your friends will share a bottle of wine. Or, you and girl friend will share an order of homemade raviolis. You can also have private parties in their upstairs room. Meat, cheese, cream sauce, fresh ingredients, cozy dining, family....those Italians really know how to do it. Just don't eat too much or you may find yourself sleeping at the drive in.

All of the above locations are included in our google map.

We also put Panera bread on there if you have some picky eaters in the group that know what they like. Mapleview Café was advertised at the Overlook Drive in, they have tasty photos on their facebook, so you might want to give them a try. If you leave our farm at 5, you should have plenty of time to make 2 stops before the drive in movie.

Definitely plan to be at the drive in at least 20 minutes before the movie starts so you can get settled while it's still light out. If you bring your pup with you the super nice ticket booth agent may have a treat for him or her.

What should you take with you to the drive in movie theater? That answer depends on who is coming with you and what the weather is, but here is a list that includes more than you need.

  • blankets (for the ground and covering)

  • pillows

  • water (or other drinks)

  • toys to keep a toddler entertained until they fall asleep (so they are not touching the stereo)

  • toys to keep bigger kids entertained before the movie starts (like a football, frisbee, or any other easy to transport yard game)

  • a flashlight (it gets really dark while the movie is playing and you may need to walk the dog, walk yourself to the potty, or find something that a kid dropped on the ground)

  • snacks/treats (unless you want to take advantage of the snack stand there)

  • camping chairs to set up outside the car (if you have more than 2 front seats worth of people)

  • a tarp for the ground before you put down your blankets (if it rained the day before and you are planning on sitting outside your vehicle)

  • a bowl, couple of treats, and poo bags (if you are bringing the dog) Their motto is "If they poop, please scoop" FYI

  • battery operated fan (if it real hot out)

  • bug spray (they sell mosquito coils at the snack stand ha ha)

  • cash (credit cards are accepted, but you may want to tip the really friendly staff members)

Did we forget anything? Please let us know if you have any suggestions. We would also like to know how you and your friends liked the drive in. Please share with us here or on your favorite social media platform. Oh and if you are go to the drive in with 10 people (or you plan to come back) you can get a discount ticket book to save $. Have FUN!


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