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Grocery shopping in the comfort of your home or while you are waiting for the dentist or school bus. Hannaford To Go is the perfect way to shop when you have a busy weekend, sick or sleepy kids, or just want to stay in your pajamas. Here's how it works.

1st Go Online and make an account at Hannafords. You will shop by logging into their website (the ap is only for rewards). Every time you login you will have access to your shopping cart, coupons, and so much more. You can login from anywhere on any device and all your information will be saved automatically. You will also build up reward dollars each time you shop.

2nd Start shopping. Shop by department or use the search bar. When searching you can refine your results by choosing from one of the department categories to the left side of the screen.

3rd Choose your time. Click on the "Reserve a Pick Up" in the top right corner of your screen. When you choose your time that will give you a deadline to complete your order.

4th Complete your order. Go to the Cart symbol and follow the prompts. You will not have to pay until you arrive at the store. You will receive an email confirmation. When you call at time of pick up they will ask you for your 1st and last name but you might want to have your order number ready.

5th Pick up your groceries. Pull into one of the spots reserve for Hannaford To Go. Call the number on the sign. A staff member will put the groceries in your car, collect any physical coupons you have, and process your payment.

We do have a few tips:

Create Lists & Favorites as you Shop

If you are adding something to your cart that you purchase often also add it to your shopping list and to your favorites. You can even make multiple shopping lists. This way next time you shop you can quickly add the items directly to your cart.

Leave Notes for the Buyer

One of Hannafords staff members will be shopping for you. You can leave special notes for any product. This can be especially useful for produce and meat. If you are ordering muffins or other bakery items you can pick the kinds you want in the notes.

Beware of Substitutions

Sometimes the items you chose online may not actually be available on the day of pick up. The buyer will choose substitutions for you and you will be asked to approve them at time of pick up. If the new item is more expensive your total will be more.

Clip Your Coupons

Hannafords has a bunch of coupons that you can clip electronically and they will automatically be taken off your total. You can also bring paper coupons and hand them in to be scanned before you pay.

Learn your favorite Brands

There are a lot of options and searching is easier if you include the brand and type of item. Like "wewalka pie crust" verse just "pie crust". Online you can also see the full nutrition table and ingredient list.

Oops I Forgot Something

No worries editing your order is as easy as 1, 2, 3, but that might effect your pick up time. Go to your account, orders, and online order history. See the status of your order. If it has only been received and not processed you can edit online. If it has already been processed you will have to call the store to see if you can still make changes. Click on view details then edit your order. They will make you go through the "check out process" again. You can also modify the pick up time. Everyone at Highland Hannafords is real nice and if they have time would probably let you add a couple things just before you pick up.

Choosing the Right Time

Your time is actually an hour window. So if you choose 11am the range is actually 11AM-12PM. If you get stuck and you are late the store will call you. It is typically not a problem to pick up a little later. Moms recommend choosing nap time and then the kids will sleep through the "shopping" and possibly the unloading at home.

Hard Cider and Beer Delivered to you Car?

Yes you can get alcoholic beverages delivered to your car, but of course they will ask you to show valid ID. FYI Local Bad Seed Hard Cider and Angry Orchard Hard Ciders are available for pick up.

How to Use Reusable Bags

We are hoping that Hannafords comes up with a better solution to all the paper bags they pack the groceries in. Be sure to recycle yours and save some for a creative crafts or possibly to put down for future apple painting projects. You can also return them to the store next time you use to go so they can reuse them. The only way to use reusable bags is to drop them off the day before. You could run them in or pull in to the to go parking and they will pop out and grab them for you.

Please let us know if you have any other tips and how you liked Hannaford To Go. Share your visit with us on facebook or Instagram.

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