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Nourish Mama Birds with an Apple Feeder

The birds are chirping on this beautiful sunny spring day with a high of 50° expected. Soak up that warm sunshine between passing clouds as you take a walk outside. Keep an eye out for the wildlife that are becoming more active with the temperature increase. Spring is when migrating birds return to the area and find an ideal location to build their nests. It's entertaining to watch them gather their supplies and bring them in the birdhouse, garage rafter or other nesting location.

When mother birds make an egg they use a lot of nutrients. Help our feathered friends replenish themselves and feed their future little ones by making them an apple bird feeder.

This is a fun craft suitable, with help, for kids ages 3 and up depending. Warning: there will be seed and peanut butter which are messy things. Consider making them outside or in the kitchen where clean up is easiest. This is also a really nice craft project for parties for kids and adults.

You most likely have most of these ingredients in your home already.

An apple

48 inches of twine or string (at least)

2 Shish Kabob Sticks

Peanut butter about 1/2 cup (at least) we like to use chuncky

Toppings like Eggshells and Sunflower seeds or other bird seed

There are many topping options explore this website to find more unique and common bird foods.

How to Make Your Apple Bird Feeder

If you are using eggshells make sure to prep them. Rinse them, bake them in the oven at 250° until they are dry, but not browned. You can crumble them up a bit.

Cut your apple into 4 pieces using Hurd’s apple cutting directions.

Use 2 shish kabob sticks to reassemble your apple inside out. The sticks will give a spot for small birds to land.

Trim points off ends of sticks so there are no more points.

Tie a piece of twine about a foot long to each of the 4 sticks.

Use the 4 strings to make a loop knot at the top.

Spread a good amount of peanut butter over the apple flesh and maybe some in the cracks.

Stick on some egg shells

Cover the rest of the exposed peanut butter with bird seed

Repeat this process on other 3 sides.

Find a good spot to hang your bird feeder that will enable your birds to safely eat while you have a good view of the action. Birds don't like a spinning bird feeder. Consider hanging with an old belt, heavy piece of wire or Christmas wreath door hanger. Once your feeder is hanging put a handful or two of seed in the top.

If you do not typically feed birds in your yard it might take them sometime to find your feeder. Try putting some seed on the ground below your feeder to increase the amount of birds that visit.

We would like to know how your birds liked our apples. Leave us a note, identify your feathered friends, or better yet send us a pic of a bird stopping by for a snack.

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