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On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Another 90 degree Sunny Day. Glad we had a few days of rain to plump up our growing apples and make them nice and juicy. All hands on deck putting the finishing touches on our NEW Wild Apple Obstacle Course built out of old farm equipment. Come play this weekend, post photos and get a chance to win a season Family Group Pass. Learn more about our NINJA inspired course and how it all began.

Every time Phil Hurd, 5th Generation Farmer, passes by our used parts field he dreams up another fun activity for the farm. For the past few years, he has wanted to build some FUN contraptions for kids to play on. This year with the support of his wife Susan they put his small modules all together to create one HUGE obstacle course out of RECYLCED retired farm equipment.

After many discussions the family of farmers agreed on the best location to build the course, right behind Sand Mountain under the shade of a Poplar Tree. The first major undertaking was to install proper drainage in the field. We considered keeping water under the obstacles, but are saving that type of challenge for the real Ninja Warriors.

We set up a few test modules on the home farm then brought them to the Pick Your Own farm to see how they fit. A lot of time went in to picking the best place for the starting location, flow of the course and spacing between obstacles. With the field measured and flagged and a few barrels in place we went back to the drawing board. We researched and sketched out ideas on the computer and ended up with 2 separate courses that mirror each other.

For the past 2 months we have been building, testing, modifying, timing and reworking the different obstacles to make sure we get the MOST FUN and safety for kids of all ages. With opening day just around the corner all hands are on deck pitching in to complete the last few challenges. A big thank you to PDQ for printing our signs that include FUN FARM FACTS about each piece of used equipment.

Are you ready to GET MOVING ON THE FARM in the 13 Ninja Inspired modules in our Wild APPLE Obstacle Course? Here is a bit more about each one.

Careful Picking Can you step between the rungs without touching the ladder?

Deer Challenge Weave between the deer fence posts.

Barrel Scramble Climb over the barrels and scoot under the last one that is hanging.

Pallet Hop Get a running start to jump from pallet to pallet Ninja style.

Wash & Wax Press your way through the hanging barrels.

Mission Possible Advance through ropes without touching them. Can you do this?

Post to Post Step on top of the short posts while keeping your feet off the ground.

Be Balanced Walk along the 4x4s without touching the ground. Can you do it?

Barrel Along Weave through the barrels as fast as you can without touching them.

Tire Fun Run Step in the center of each tire, make sure you get a foot in every one.

Ramp It Up! Climb up the pallet ramp, make your way through the apple bins and slide down the irrigation tubes.

Tractor Tread Scurry over or under the tires. Or are you are too tired?

Nature Trail

Follow the rope trail through the shrubs and maze back to sand mountain.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend at our season kick off. We got SPIRIT how bout you? Donuts, Slushies, Apple Picking and over 25 engaging activities for kids. Come get lost in our corn maze, launch an apple and ride the cow train, MOOO!

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