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Camping Time

Camping makes great fun and you can do it in your backyard too. Bring modern life to your camping trip with one of your favorite games on a computer or phone and play it as a family. It’s a great way to engage everyone in spending time together.

What you should bring on the trip:

  • Electronics (laptop, tablet, phone)

  • Tent

  • Cooler & Drinks

  • S’mores (chocolate, gram crackers, sticks, marshmallows)

  • Fire pit (lighter, wood, axe, paper or cardboard)

  • Blankets

  • Pillows

  • Insect repellent

  • If you have a toddler remember to pack: toys that light up like a toy computer, bedtime books, their favorite stuffed animal, diapers, snippy cup, snacks etc.

  • Antibacterial wipes

  • If you have a dog bring a bowl for water or food

If someone in your family likes sims 4, the outdoors pack is the perfect game to play together while camping. It’s ideal because once downloaded, you don’t need internet to play. First you can create your whole family by using the create a sims and make sure they look like you because it’s more fun. Think about what everyone will be wearing to make it more realistic. Then you should recreate the place where you are staying or if staying by your house you can create the whole house or just the backyard. We also mimicked some of the poses the sims did and we took pictures, it was super fun.

On the sims 4 outdoor back you can have:

  • Tents

  • Campfires

  • Chairs and logs for the campfire

  • A new town called Granite Falls

  • A lot of new furniture

  • New clothes, accessories and hair styles

How to create a perfect real life campfire:

You must have 3 different sizes of wood (large, medium and small) also some skinny and very tiny and some big ones to go on top. You should cut the wood with an axe or a knife. Most grocery stores and gas stations sell firewood bundles that could make your life a bit easier.

Put a loosely crumpled ball of newspaper on the bottom center of your fire pit.

With the medium size wood build a little cabin by placing two pieces on your surface and then place two more pieces on the opposite side of the first pieces then do it again and again.

Then with the skinny pieces of wood build a teepee inside the hole of the cabin.

Put the large pieces of wood on top of everything.

And finally light it up.

THREE S’more Making Strategies:

The Burnt Sally: You can burn the outside of the marshmallow and then take that part off, but be careful it gets very sticky. Combine the inner marshmallow with the chocolates and the gram crackers and smush it all together. If your marshmallow is cold and did not melt the chocolate, you can put it on a flat surface that can go on the fire. Put it on top of the fire to heat up the marshmallow and the chocolate but be careful try not to drop it in the fire.

Light & Crunchy: This one has double ALMOND chocolate with a lightly toasted marshmallow.

Double Dark Roast: A dark roasted marshmallow with a piece of dark chocolate and the gram crackers.

After making s’mores the whole family should go to the bathroom and wash their hands because the night in the tent is going to start. We brought a tablet so we could watch videos on Netflix, that was super fun. Our tablet has data on so we can use it everywhere we’re there is cell service. You may be able to turn your phone into a hotspot or pick up a WiFi signal. Then the night begins you can watch the stars and literally sleep under the stars.

Make sure to keep the tent zipped at all times to prevent mosquitoes from sneaking in. A shoes off policy is a good way to keep the tent and bedding clean. You may start off with all the windows open, but it will get cooler as the night goes on. Someone will probably wake up chilly at 2am and zip up, unless you brought lots of blankets. Before the lights go out and it gets real dark make sure everyone knows where the flashlight is in case someone needs something while everyone is sleeping.

There are plenty of great places in the area to go camping. See our Yogi Camp Resort blog to see more about their camping facilities. If you don’t have a yard and don’t want to leave the house, consider making an indoor tent. It’s also fun to just pretend to camp with the help of sims technology. For some old fashioned family fun consider sequence or kings in the corners. Keep an eye out for lightning bugs early summertime and maybe catch a few.

Let us know how your camping adventure goes.


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