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Drive Thru Bloom Exit

For the first time in Our Family Farm's history we are opening our gates to the public during Apple Blossom Season. Guests will be able to drive their vehicles into the orchard during one of the Prettiest Times of Year on the Farm.

Who's Invited?

Anyone who places an order at our Drive Thru Farm Store will be able to participate. That person is also welcome to bring along their family in their car. We suggest only bringing members from your household who you have been in quarantine with.

What to Expect:

Your 1st and ONLY stop at the farm will be to pick up the groceries and supplies from our Drive Thru Farm Store that you ordered and paid for online. Once we load your goodies in your vehicle you will then be directed to exit the farm through the Orchard. There is NO STOPPING or getting out of your vehicle, you will follow the signs and Team members directing you on a loop through the orchard. You are welcome to open your windows, enjoy the fresh air & take some photos along the way.

Where will this Event take place?

At Hurds Family Farm in Modena, NY. You will be driving on dirt roads through the orchard. Any car should be able to drive the route. The orchard drive thru exit is weather depending, but the Drive Thru Farm Store will have your order ready for pick up in any weather. Please follow us on facebook for event updates.

Why are we doing this?

We know that everyone has been stuck home during these complicated times, and that some people have more access than others to clean open space. Our Family wants to share the outdoors with your family. Hurds Drive Thru Farm Store, where we sell essential supplies, enables us to extend our exit path to share this orchard drive with you.

When's It Happening?

The weather determines exactly when Bloom will be. It usually occurs the end of April or beginning of May and can last a couple weeks with each variety blooming at different times. This year we expect Apple Blossoms to be near peak on Sunday, April 26th & Sunday, May 3rd, so those are the 2 days you can take a Drive Thru the farm.

Is there anything else you should know?

  • We will be selling Fresh Cut apple blossom limb souvenirs, which you can add to your cart when you make your online order.

  • This is a critical time of year for our Apple Growing Season. Frost can cause damage to buds that will become future apples. The Apple Blossoms have to be pollinated by bees during this short time in order for the flowers to turn into apples. Learn More

  • This is the 1st time we are hosting this event and our Drive Thru Farm Store has only been open a couple of weeks, so please be patient as we learn and work towards providing you the best experience possible.

  • If you have any questions please email us at HurdsDriveThruFarmStore@gmail.com or call 845-883-7825

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