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Learning Community
for Adults at the Farm

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Join us every Tuesday morning!


Breakfast & Play

Mingle with friends and find out what has been happening on our farm.

Hot drinks, breakfast cocktails, and a simple breakfast menu made with fresh local ingredients.

Come just for Breakfast in the Barn or

Bring the grandkids and let them play for an additional activity fee.

In a hurry? Call in your order 845-883-7825, drive up to the barn, and we will bring your order out.

Barn Side Play Craft and Sips

Enjoy picturesque views and a local beer, or local cider while you make and mingle.

Hands on learning in a casual fun environment with easy to follow instructions. All materials provided.

Must sign up at least 1 week before on our square site or by phone 845-883-7825


Painting without a Brush!

June 27, 2024 starts at 6pm

  • No Artistic background necessary.

  • Paint your version of the garden scene shown on a 9"x12" canvas using some creative household items. No brush, no finger.

  • All materials will be provided to create an amazing work of art to take home.

  • Step=by-step, easy-to-follow instructions, or let your inner artist explore your creative side.

  • Must sign up before June 16th. Sign up before June 4th and save $5.


Apple Branch Dream Catcher

July 11, 2024 starts at 6pm

  • Having nightmares? We have the cure!

  • Come out to the farm and create a one of a kind dream catcher to filter out the bad and let only the best dreams come through.

  • The approximate 7 inch ring will be hand woven for you from an apple branch grown right here at Hurds Family Farm.

  • Create the perfect combination of coffee and red wine stains on you all natural cotton string.

  • Embellish you dream catcher with glass beads that glow in the dark and natural chicken feathers.

  • Our friendly Hurds team member will help you weave your string into a beautiful web centered in your apple branch circle.

  • Must sign up before July 4th. Sign up before June 27th and save $5.

Orchard Drive Thru

Real Time Farm Learning

Find out what the farmers have been up to and learn about what we do at the farm.

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What types of things will you hear about?

All year long our family is caring for the apple trees, pumpkin patches, and all the fun activities we have at the farm. Every Tuesday when you come for breakfast we will share our current projects with you. It may be about how we are grafting Granny Smith apple shoots onto McIntosh trees. Why we cross plant the corn field and map out the maze. How far along the apples are and how the crop is doing this year.

Can you go out into the orchard?

On most days you can take a walk in the orchard and see first hand what we are doing. Some parts or all of the orchard may be off limits depending on what types of activities the team is doing.

Can I bring my grandkids?

Thursdays are really the best days to visit with kids, but stay tuned as we may make some changes this summer. Please bring the grandkids to our Kids Farm School on Thursday mornings or bring the whole family to our Thursday Stay & Play evenings. 

Do I have to sign up?

Breakfast is served from 7am-12pm. Cash is easier, but credit cards will also be accepted. The Play, Craft, & Sips do require a sign up of at least 1 week before and earlier if you would like to save $5. If you have questions please call 845-883-7825.

Latest Pics from Our Adult Learning Community

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