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Welcome to the Bar in the Barn

Craft Cocktails, Local Beer, Local Hard Cider,

Mocktails, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

SnapDragon Cider Shipped To Your Door!

12oz cans of SnapDragon Cider
Gifting SnapDragon Cider to a loved one
SnapDragon Cider Mimosa

The Hurds family has been locally farming for over 100 years. Each generation has contributed unique ideas on how best to continue the growth for generations to come. In 1994, the 5th generation expanded the main apple farm to a pick-your-own orchard hosting families and school groups. Then, 27 years later, the 6th generation created Hurds Legacy Beverages to offer guests NYS craft beverages and spirits. New for the 2024 season, guests who love Hurds SnapDragon apples can fall back in love with SnapDragon cider.

Wholesale hard apple cider delivered locally or available for pick up.

Please email us at to find out more.

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