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Special Apple Recipe Events

Grab an Apple Bag and Fill it Up with healthy apples for baking, or snacking. Pick your own Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Gala & Jonamac Apples. Early Pumpkins Too! Join us for one of out special events and get the Kids excited for using their apples in our kid friendly recipes when they get home.

Photo by Presto's Magical Moments at Hurds Family Farm

Saturday 9/14 12-1, FREE Mini Apple Blossom Dessert with VIP wristband (also available for $3 purchase) What is an Apple Blossom Queen? Fresh sliced apples covered with whipped cream, caramel and walnuts. YUM

Sunday 9/15 12PM Apple Pie Smoothie demo and samples! Close your eyes and it will taste just like apple pie.

Check out some of the other FUN things to do right around our farm.


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